The Easter Egg Hunt

Some fun ideas for Sunday’s Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Décor:
Easter Bunny Linen Flag | R64.89 | New Chic
Oval Easter Bunny Decorative Banner | R81.01 | New Chic

Hanging Easter Sign | R39.95 | PartyNet
Personalised Invitations| R320 | Macaroon
Believe in the Easter Bunny Tags | R180 | Macaroon

Easter Hunt Game Kit | R44.99 | Crazy Store
Make Your Own Cards | R39.98 | Crazy Store

Hunt Signs | R49.99 | Woolworths

Decorate your Own Eggs Kit | R69.99 | WoolworthsDecorate-Your-Eggs-Kit-6009204503274
Easter Hunt Masks | R49.99 | Woolworths

Hunt Bags | R59.99 | Woolworths
Easter Haul Bag| R165 | Hello Pretty
Tracy Paul Personalised Tote Hunt Bag | R500 | Macaroon

Felt Bags | R29.99 | Crazy Store
felt bags
Tote Bag| Cotton On Kids

Personalised Easter Tote Bags | R250 | Panda Love

Personalised Tote Bag | R165 | Hello Pretty


Breakfast Treats after the Hunt:
Hoppity Does It Easter Egg Cake Mould | R59 | YuppiChef
Hoppity Does It Chocolate Lollipop Mould | R49 | YuppiChef

Set of 6 Egg Cups | R750 | Le Creuset
eggs cups
Egg and Spoon Holder | R49.99 | Woolworths
Easter Mug with Chocolates | R99.99 | Woolworths

16 Easter Bunny Napkins | R39.95 | Party Net





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